Father Time

It took 50 shots but Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his final NBA game. That fitting for a player whose mentality as a player was to score. Kobe was heading to the Mamba Academy when his helicopter crashed. That was fitting for a father who since he retired has been all about growing the game of women’s basketball, and spending time with his four daughters.

I can’t imagine trying to be a father and a professional basketball player. Let alone the caliber of player that Kobe was. I was never a giant Kobe fan. He was never my favorite player but I always respected his talent and his work ethic. Now that I am a father I realize how much my job and life can take away from my time as a dad. I have to believe that Kobe’s career did the same thing to his time as a father. Since his last game in April of 2016 Kobe had, by all accounts, dedicated himself to his family the same way he dedicated himself to basketball.

That is the true tragedy of Sunday’s crash. It broke apart families. I can’t imagine my family losing me and one of my sons. Or me losing my wife and one of my sons. Now not only Kobe’s family but the Altobelli family, the Mauser family, the Chester family and the pilot’s family have all been torn apart.

Kobe touched many lives through the game of basketball. It is a devastating loss for the basketball community but this tragic accident just reminds me that life is short. God can call you home any minute. So hug your loved ones more. Be present when you are spending time with them and tell them you love them every chance you get.