Rivalry between United and El Paso continues tonight

Rivalry between United and El Paso continues tonight

I’ve always contended that United’s primary rivals weren’t El Paso. Since the inaugural season, I thought it was Phoenix despite the fact that many thought otherwise. After COVID-19 forced changes to the USL format both in 2020 and 2021, the additional matches between United and El Paso have gone a long way to cementing the two clubs as the primary rival for each other.

Look, I love the matches against Phoenix. They’re loud, they’re fun, but they aren’t the same as El Paso.

El Paso is one of those clubs you love to hate. From the terrible camera angles and biased commentary on their broadcasts, to their supporters and players. There’s just a lot to not like about this club. Plus, the distance between the two of them makes it easy under normal circumstances for supporters to make the away matches. It makes for one unbelievable atmosphere on match day.

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Showdown in El Paso, United in search of crucial points

I have to be honest with you, reader. It’s not always easy to sit down and write up a match preview. Recaps are even harder some times. Not that I don’t love doing them or that I’m going to stop doing them. There’s just something different about this season that makes it hard sometimes. 

It’s hard previewing the same matchup four times in a single season. For the most part, rosters don’t change, club tactics don’t change, and the expectations don’t change. It’s especially hard trying to preview two matches between the same two clubs twice in one week. I guess the hardest part is coming up with new things to say. We know who the impact players will be every week (here’s looking at you Aidan Daniels) but we also don’t want to say the same name week in and week out. That would get to be quite repetitive right? 

All of that is a long-winded way to say that New Mexico United need to win tonight in El Paso.

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