United opens 2022 season against Las Vegas

United opens 2022 season against Las Vegas

At long last, the 2022 USL Championship season is underway. And I’m stuck at home.

Okay, not really stuck, but, I’m home with my boys where we’ll enjoy listening to Tyler Ortega and Chris Hurst on the ESPN+ broadcast. And I couldn’t be happier. Football is back in a big way and the expectations for the season are clear, United has to be better at closing out the close games. The hope, as always, is to make the playoffs. That journey starts today.

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Rivalry Renewed: United face off against Phoenix Rising FC

Rivalries are one of the defining characteristics of sports. Often they are determined by geographic location, fervent fan bases or sometimes are conceived as a marketing ploy by leagues to sell tickets (looking at you MLS). No matter what their origins are, they quite often make for the best games to watch.

New Mexico United and Phoenix Rising FC are no different. Their encounters in 2019 were nothing short of epic, back and forth affairs with neither being able to best the other. Well, until the Open Cup that is. Ask a Rising supporter and they’ll say the Cup result was a draw. Pose the same question to a United supporter and they’ll say that the outcome was a win for United. Technically the result went into the books as a draw, but for argument sake, we’re calling it a win.

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United restart 2020 by defending their territory in Colorado Springs

I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t think there’s been much to get excited about over the past four months. Yep, that’s right. It’s been four months since New Mexico United last stepped onto the pitch.

After the extended break due to COVID-19, the USL 2020 season is ready to start. Okay, technically it’s a restart, but the only match that United played was so long ago, it just feels like it was a preseason match that unfortunately counts in the standings.

I think we can all agree that the performance in March wasn’t the best we’ve seen from United. We gave away a poor penalty, scuffed more than our fair share of chances, and nearly conceded off a poor touch. The club was also missing a handful of players due to injury. Could the COVID break have helped United in a backwards way?

According to the club, there are no injuries to report ahead of this weekend’s restart. For Head Coach and Technical Director Troy Lesesne, a full battery of players, along with the ability to use five subs, gives him plenty of options to get United on the right track. It also makes it really hard to predict a starting XI, but this is what I think we’ll see tonight.

Predicted XI vs Colorado Springs

Last season United became the unofficial owners of the state of Colorado. With combined wins against Switchbacks FC and Colorado Rapids, United dominated in the thin air of the Rocky Mountains. It’s hard to imagine any result other than a win in the Centennial State.

Normally by this time in the season, we’d have lots of information to pull from when previewing a match. And sure, we have lots to know about United, but very little about Switchbacks FC.

Like United, Switchbacks FC has already played one match this season, a 2-1 win over Oklahoma City Energy FC. They have also made improvements since last fall, both on the sidelines and on the roster. The club added new Head Coach Alan Koch, forward Christian Volesky and midfielder George Lebese. Despite unfavorable results at the end of 2019, the Switchbacks looked better and are hoping to carry that momentum over into the 2020 season.

Players to Watch

New Mexico United

  • Chris Wehan – Beez came into his own last season and put together one of the best seasons of his career. With an uncanny ability to produce chances from inside and outside the box, Switchbacks FC will have to account for him at all times.
  • David Najem – The former Rowdie was brought in uding the off season to help improve a back four that struggled at times during 2019. Najem brings a wealth of experience and has the ability to create from the fullback position.

Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC

  • George Lebese – Lebese was brought in to help one of the worst attacking clubs in all of the USL last season. The winger will bring the ability for Switchbacks to play wide and work their way into the box.
  • Christian Volesky – A proven scorer, Volesky has already made his mark this season, notching his first goal for the club against Energy FC.

Match Predictions

On the podcast this week, Jacob and I gave our predictions for this match and we both have United coming away with yet another win. I believe Jacob had it 2-1 and I have it going 3-1. United just has too much going for them and despite their improvements, Colorado Springs isn’t there quite yet.

Saturday’s match will kickoff at 6:00 pm from Weidner Field in Colorado Springs. The match will be broadcast live on ESPN+ and can be heard locally on ESPN Radio 101.7 The TEAM and via The TEAM app.

The S.U.N. is Rising for Season 2

Looking Back

Somos Unidos News, much like New Mexico United, had a roller coaster of a first year. We started off hot, meeting with the front office, coming up with ideas, and printing a mock up for Cinco De Mayo. Then the real editions came fast. Bringing with them tons of editing, print costs and logistical issues. But we prevailed and proceeded to put out a handful of awesome editions that everyone was proud of.

Those several months took a toll on us though. With all of us having jobs to pay the bills and families to support and spend time with, the burden became to much and we let you down. We missed the last couple months of the season because we bit off more than we could chew, honestly. For that I apologize.

I apologize to our fans for not giving you the content that you wanted. I apologize to United for not creating content using the access they graciously gave us. And I apologize to the sponsors that were expecting more exposure for their companies. Thank you all for supporting us though and believing in our message of lifting up New Mexico as a whole. I would also like to thank everyone that contributed to the newsletter as well. We did something special even if it ended up faltering.

Looking Ahead

That being said this is a new season and a new lease on life for S.U.N. Seth has given us an amazing opportunity by giving us an online presence to get our content to the readers saved us from having to abort our mission. The mission hasn’t changed though. We still want to give you great coverage of New Mexico United that is by fans and for fans. Even more importantly we still want to help the organization spread their overall message of uniting New Mexico and helping to show the greatness of our state.

Call to action

Lastly I would like to put out a call to action. I want to know what you liked from last year or if you would like to contribute this year. If so, please email me at jterrell2489@gmail.com. On the other side of the spectrum, if we have wronged you in any way I want to know about it so i can try to make it right. If that is the case, please email the same email address as above with Wronged in the subject line. Thank you all again and somos unidos mi amigos

Dadventures Media and Somos Unidos News announce partnership beginning with the 2020 Season

Since Somos Unidos broke the news earlier today, and I had a break at work, I wanted to share the announcement here as well.

Over the past few weeks, Jacob and I had been tossing around ideas on how to continue to bring additional high quality coverage of New Mexico United to the site and beyond. One of the ideas that we came up with was reaching out to Somos Unidos News about working in tandem. 

I was extremely excited about the opportunity to have a space available for SUN to continue publishing the same quality content that they provided in 2019, just in a digital format. Jacob spearheaded discussions with Earl from SUN about working together and this announcement today is the result of that. With this new partnership, we are updating the site to reflect this new adventure with SUN.

All of the New Mexico United coverage will be under the Somos Unidos News header and will be expanded in the coming weeks. First and foremost, we all want to continue bringing the best possible coverage of the club that we can. Our goal is to continue covering the community events, provide matchday coverage, have one-on-one interviews with players and coaches, and provide an all-around perspective on the club.

Jacob and I will be among the contributors and I’m hopeful that Earl, Logan and the rest of the team from Somos will be lending their viewpoints as well.

I loved what SUN did last season and am excited to move forward with this partnership. Stay tuned as we are planning to have another exciting announcement for everyone soon!