These are the Dadventures

A year ago I never expected to be doing this. Now, here I sit, owning my own website, publishing content and trying to put together a team of content creators.

It all started with New Mexico United and a simple tweet. I began covering the club and as 2019 went on, I felt a draw to do more. More writing, more content creation, more collaboration. But what did I have to create content about?

Then it hit me, I’m a dad and a husband. That’s not all there is to me, but that’s the most important part of my life. I’ve been through some things and I know others out there have as well. I wanted to create a space where anyone, not just dads, can share their personal stories and create content.

Even though multiple folks had told me it was a good idea and that I should run with it, it took me a while to push the pedal. But now it’s down to the floor and it’s time to get going.

So, what kind of content are we going to create? I’ve got ideas, the folks I have coming on board have ideas and it all starts here. We’re going to tell stories from our lives, we’re going to cover New Mexico United, we’re going to talk games and whatever else we want to share.

We will work to bring independent writers to you and share their content on a regular basis. Our goal is to bring high-quality content from real people. If you’re reading this, thank you for checking out our content and I hope you stick around and share what you see. If you’re interested in joining us here, shoot an email to

In the coming days, we’ll be launching our social media handles and you’ll get more content coming your way.